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Color Revolutions: Biden Regime Sponsoring a Coup and Training Palestinian Terrorist Army in Israel

While US banks fail and the world teeters on the brink of WW III, the criminal Biden Regime is embarking on a series of regime change “color revolutions” around the world, seeking to destablize conservative governments and install Washington-controlled puppets to do their bidding. The Gateway Pundit will expose these Open Society / National Endowment for Democracy led coup attempts, which seem to be the only thing the Blinken / Nuland / Sullivan Regime is any good at. Today: Israel.
Thanks to phony corruption charges against Israel’s longest-serving Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel has gone through five elections in three years, finally getting a stable conservative government again this year. Since the Israeli population is one of the few around the world to reliably vote for conservative, patriotic, right-wing parties, the Soros-funded Israeli left has no option other than to use foreign-funded NGOs and lawfare in the left-wing legal system to sabotage their country.
The Israeli Supreme Court has usurped the right to strike down democratically-ratified laws it finds “inappropriate”, to veto democratically elected ministers, and to nominate its own members in perpetuity. That is the reason why the top priority for the new Netanyahu government is to reform the legal system to be more like that in the US and other Western countries, where judges are appointed by the executive and ratified by parliament, and can only strike down laws that explicitly violate the Constitution. The reform enjoys borad support in Israel, since the Israeli populace has grown ever more right-wing, while the courts have veered ever further to the hard left…

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