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Confirmed: Digital currency will be used to “control” the masses…

If ever there was a battle worth fighting, it’s the one over digital currency. Digital currency has become the most powerful tool on the planet, and here’s why: it offers a neat and tidy way for a few powerful tyrants to control the masses with just the flip of a switch. Say something controversial about a trans person on social media? Your social credit score could plummet, leading your bank to drop you, and suddenly you can’t buy groceries or pay bills.

Think that’s far-fetched? Think again. They’re already admitting that digital currency will be wielded as a weapon for mass control, and they’re not shy about letting you know. As a matter of fact, Christine Lagarde, the current president of the European Central Bank (ECB) revealed that digital currency will absolutely be used for control. And this very disturbing revelation happened all thanks to a prank.

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