Covid Vaccines Are a War on Children

The tyrants have been consistent in their messaging onslaught from the beginning: healthy living and natural immunity play no part in overcoming Covid; only the divine gift of pharmaceutical experiments can confer redemption from the viral demon. Now the tyrants are salivating at the profits to be made by plunging lucrative gene modulators into children’s flesh. Already, Pfizer is boasting that it will make as much money from its Covid vaccine in 2021 as it made from all its products in 2020. And wait until 2022, when Fauci assures us that even babies and toddlers will be stabbed with the jab! The tyrants have decreed their right to colonize and exploit your children’s bodies, and your job as parents is to thank them, pay them, and submit.

In the face of this blitzkrieg of intimidation, coercion, and agitprop, how can parents protect their children? What weapons do parents have to fight back? As in any war, the way to win is through courage, unity, and knowledge of the enemy. So, I’ve provided some facts to fortify your information and share with others.

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