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Cruel and Unusual Punishment: January 6 Political Prisoner Chris Worrell Is Battling Cancer as Biden Regime Continues to Abuse Him and Betray His Rights – Please Donate to Chris Below

What constitutes cruel and unusual punishment?
Is the point of incarceration to protect society from an alleged criminal, or has it become policy to further persecute by causing suffering, beyond moral reasoning, upon individuals?
These are the questions “We the People” need to be asking each other while utilizing our unlimited and vast resources.
What purpose does it serve to allow “de facto” mistreatment of its prisoners and inmates in jails and prisons across the country?!
Let us examine the case of Christopher Worrell, a current inmate at the DC Department of Corrections, often referred to as the “DC Gulag.”
It received the nickname “DC Gulag” in part due to the severe mistreatment of Christopher in 2021.
In October of 2021, Senior Judge Royce C. Lamberth, to his credit, held the DC DOC Director Quincy Booth and the Warden Wanda Patton of the D.C. Jail (DC Gulag) in contempt of Federal Court for the mistreatment of Christopher as it pertained to his preexisting cancer treatment and a broken hand.
The “DC Gulag” was caught altering and omitting Chris’s medical records and REFUSED to comply with a court order issued by Senior Federal Judge Lamberth.
Despite the mistreatment in the “DC Gulag,” which nearly killed Christopher during eight months of his three-year incarceration, federal prosecutors maintained in court filings and in oral arguments that Mr. Worrell was fabricating and faking his illnesses.
In November 2021, Judge Lamberth released Christopher immediately to the U.S. Marshals after a court hearing due to the fact that he was concerned for Chris’s safety in the “DC Gulag” and feared “retribution” against Chris from the “DC Gulag” staff.
The sad state of affairs is that in jails and prisons across America, victims are punished for speaking out about their mistreatment!!
Chris went home, and was told by doctors his cancer had accelerated to a Stage 3 condition due to allegations of blatant “deliberately indifferent” medical mistreatment at the “DC Gulag” by DC DOC employees and Unity Health Care medical staff where Drs. Mitchell and Crenshaw oversaw the medical treatments of all inmates.
In 2022, Chris endured 6 weeks of chemotherapy of which Chris suffered severe allergic reactions. Chris also underwent multiple surgeries removing ALL of his teeth so doctors could gain access to his jaw bone and perform bone grafting to his badly deteriorating mandible in an attempt to save the remaining bone.
This was not “faked,” but even right up to sentencing, prosecutors representing We the American People continued their claims that Chris was ” fabricating and faking his illnesses” in an attempt to avoid trial, which had to be postponed three times while Chris underwent many medical treatments.
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Understandably, Chris developed PTSD symptoms and a genuine fear for his life should he be returned to the negligent care of the jail and prison system in America!!
In late spring of 2023, Chris was finally well enough to attend trial and was convicted on all charges. (No surprise there in the railroad system the DC District court had proven to be.)
A reasonable person might doubt a conviction for 18 USC 111(b), assault with a dangerous weapon, where for nearly three years, the FBI, combined with the testimony of witnesses for the prosecution, have all testified they “have no idea who Mr. Worrell’s target was.”
Christopher also wore a body camera on the day of January 6, 2021, and despite having downloaded nearly 7 1/2 hours of footage to his laptop, which was confiscated by the FBI, the government claims no such footage exists.
A reasonable person could also conclude that it would show who Chris did, or perhaps DID NOT pepper spray.
In August 2023, Chris suffered a major anxiety attack as he truly “feared for his life” upon returning to the “DC Gulag” or her sister jails and prisons.
Chris also felt the sting of tortuous mistreatment and neglect while also suffering from the deprivation of his Right(s) to confront his “Accusor” in court as to his alleged assault.
Chris chose to, out of a genuine reasonable “fear for his life,” “go on the run” for a period of 45 days.
This wasn’t something Chris took pride in, it was rather an act of survival.
When Chris was captured at home, he suffered a major anxiety attack and was found unconscious by the FBI.
During Chris’s PTSD-driven anxiety attack, Chris also took a bottle of pain pills, deciding if he was going to die slowly and painfully in the custody of our prison system, he would rather take his own life.
Chris is very humiliated and embarrassed by this momentarily rash decision, and he credits his Faith in God with sparing his life.
ONCE AGAIN, prosecutors testified that Chris “faked” this event despite being hospitalized for multiple days while undergoing detoxifying procedures.
Since Chris has been in custody for just over three months, his medical issues have worsened and have AGAIN been ignored!!
Chris is suffering from open sores and lesions, swollen legs and feet, body pains and cramps, and is also watching his Lymphoma grow on his face and head.
Chris has also found statements in his medical records PROVING he has not been examined. One of the many errors he found states Chris’s tonsils are “PRESENT” and “NORMAL”!!
Chris had his tonsils removed 18 years ago!!
It may not seem like a big deal. However, this shows the symptomatic neglect of Chris and other prisoners.
A simple examination or review of Chris’s existing medical records would show the truth!!
Other January 6th inmates have also suffered as well.
Broken hands have gone untreated, faulty pacemakers installed and then ignored, strokes going untreated, and medications for chronic illnesses being delayed and/or denied are just a few examples.
Many advocates for J6 inmates have contacted Congressman Byron Donalds to detail the mistreatment of Chris.
Chris and other inmates are imploring fellow Americans to contact Congressman Byron Donalds and others and demand Congress to convene an Investigative Committee and ask, “How much is too much?” and what “Cruel and Unusual Punishment” can Americans tolerate from our jails and prisons?!
PLEASE contact:RepDonaldsPress@mail.house.gov
If it happens to one it can happen to all!!

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