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Darren Beattie Explains What’s REALLY Going On Behind the Ray Epps Charge and Guilty Plea

Of course, the fact that Ray Epps was the only January 6 participant that the media, the former head of the FBI’s January 6 investigations, Adam Kinzinger, and others expressed sympathy for only intensified the legitimate questions surrounding the true nature of Epps’ involvement on January 6th. Indeed, the video evidence of Epps’ behavior is so damning that every effort on the Regime’s part to “debunk” the concerns about Epps only makes the issue worse for the false narrative they’re trying to protect.
The misdemeanor indictment of Epps has every appearance of being yet another unspeakably clumsy effort on the part of the regime to regain control of their shattered narrative. They might be desperately hoping that people are dumb enough to think that a misdemeanor charge for Epps 32 months after January 6th would be perceived as refuting the notion that Epps could have been working for the government in some direct or indirect capacity. Alan Feuer, the sloppy mop-up man who penned the New York Times’ disgraceful puff-piece on Epps, opined that Epps’ indictment yesterday “undermined” the pesky theories about Epps.
New York Times (archive link):

From the start, the attacks on Mr. Epps were largely based on the fact that he was never charged with any crimes, even though he was captured on video on the night before the riot encouraging people to go into the Capitol. He was also seen on Jan. 6 pointing others toward the building and then entering a restricted area of the Capitol grounds.

Those who promoted the conspiracy theory made the unfounded leap that because Mr. Epps had avoided prosecution for more than two years, he had to have been a federal asset under the protection of the government. The charges filed on Tuesday by prosecutors in Washington undercut that assertion.

Of course, such a suggestion is ridiculous. Even if the DOJ decided all of a sudden to charge Ray Epps with a serious offense like seditious conspiracy, let alone a flimsy misdemeanor charge, it would not wipe away and explain the suspicious and damning fact pattern preceding it. The fact of the matter is feds burn their assets all the time for all sorts of reasons. Ray Epps’ misdemeanor guilty plea can hardly even be called a burn, however. It is a charge so flimsy, and so late in the game that it can only remind us that the regime’s desperation to salvage their narrative is only matched by their low-effort incompetence. Unfortunately for them, things are only going to get worse as more facts come to light. We will report on this story as it develops.
Stay tuned…

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