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Davos Forum 2021: the Great Reset after the pandemic

There has been a lot of controversy over the idea of a “Great Reset.” This is supposed to be an attempt by “global leaders” in the World Economic Forum to reform the world economy along marxist ideals. Events such as the pandemic are allegedly used to take wealth away from the US and other Western powers, and redistribute it to promote “social justice.”

Well, based on the report below from one of the WEF participants, the “conspiracy” looks pretty real to me. Of course, they assume we Americans will gladly depart with our businesses, jobs, wealth. and property. Not a good bet.

As a side note, I wonder how these guys justify attending their yearly summit in 1000 private jets, given their concern about carbon emissions. Just a thought.

“This year, the Davos Forum will be celebrating its most special and challenging edition, in the midst of the ongoing COVID pandemic. For this reason, the 51st edition of the World Economic Forum (World Economic Forum, WEF) will be held in two phases: An virtual one in January and another one, face-to-face, in August. The summit will convene politicians, businessmen and representatives of social and cultural organizations at a crucial time for the world, under the tagline ‘The Great Reset’.”

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