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Democrats Alleged Votes Changed by Secret Code in Machines

Given that Democrats have also claimed election theft, I wonder:

Do Democrats steal elections, and then falsely claim theft when they lose?

Do Democrats and Republicans steal elections from each other?

Does an outside entity steal from both?

Substantial digging has uncovered that it was the Democrats, including Democrats still in key roles on the January 6 Committee who first ever made—or supported lawyers who made—the very same allegations for which they attack us now.

The election of George W. Bush in Ohio in 2004 was a microcosm of 2020. The Democrats screamed about computer fraud, and based primarily on the difference in exit polls versus the votes counted, their lawyers filed a lawsuit which alleged, inter alia…

Guess who filed a brief in support of the lawyers who filed this election fraud petition? Who argued vehemently (and correctly) that those lawyers who challenged the 2004 election should not be sanctioned?

None other than January 6 Committee members Zoe Lofgren and Adam Schiff, plus Democrats Maxine Waters, and former Congressmen John Conyers, Jerry Nadler, and many others.

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