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Denis Rancourt – there was no C19 respiratory disease, hospital protocols killed people, withholding anti-biotics from the poor killed people – 13 million dead globally, 330,000 in the US


Check out the monthly progression from around the 10:46 minute mark .
2020, all is normal for excess mortality – IT IS NOT A RESPIRATORY VIRUS – CAUSED BY WHAT IS HAPPENING IN HOSPITALS.
Did not cross into Spain, Portugal and Germany – hot spots not Europe wide. – people died in hospitals – not from the virus – e.g. use of respiratory machines.
Overdoses of HCQ caused deaths. Did not follow HCQ protocols – O/D of HCQ = excess deaths – Germany did not O/D = no excess mortality.
“Vaccines” cause death – irrefutable – autopsy studies available – adverse event monitoring
Denis Rancourt 330,000 US deaths linked to “vaccines” corroborated by other studies.
In India no excess mortality prior to vaccine – vaccine festival – vulnerable first – killed 3.7 million( in 2021?) – see previous article below.
(100) Did the roll-out of approximately 350 million doses in India between April-July 2021 cause 3.7 million deaths? (substack.com)
For Australia, excess mortality occurs after vaccines, In Australian summer, after third injection.

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