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Detransitioner Chloe Cole Announces Intent To Sue Kaiser Permanente For ‘Experimental’ Hormones And Surgery

The letter finds that Kaiser “coerced” Cole and her parents into medical transition by “falsely informing” them that her gender dysphoria would not resolve on its own, despite considerable evidence that contradicts this claim, which was withheld from Cole and her family.

“Chloe and her parents were never informed of the high rate of desistance for children diagnosed with gender dysphoria,” the letter stated. “Also, they were never informed of the high probability that Chloe’s gender dysphoria would resolve as an adult without hormone or surgical treatment.”

The letter states that Cole’s doctors informed her parents that their daughter was at a high risk for suicide if they did not proceed with social and medical transition, despite the fact that Cole had “no significant indications of suicide or severe depression.”

Cole was never offered an alternative to medical transition, the letter delineated. In fact, the much more appropriate option of psychiatric treatment, including a “watchful waiting” approach, or an attempt to treat underlying psychological conditions, was never recommended to Cole or her family.

The letter continues by alleging that the “informed consent” doctors obtained from Cole for both hormones and surgery failed to exhaustively list the risks and side effects associated with the treatments, and questions whether “it is even possible to give such consent as a minor and at such a critical time in her life and development.

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