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Died Suddenly – COVID Shots Are the Obvious Connection

The skyrocketing sudden deaths of young, healthy people — including elite athletes — have increased exponentially ONLY since the rollout of the COVID shots, in spite of doctors still pretending to be “puzzled” by the cause. The prideful arrogance and failure to warn the public, by the medical profession, Big Pharma, FDA, CDC, NIH, Fauci, and other public health officials are leading to what many of us in medicine and others have called a genocide. “The lies revealed are stunning,” says Dr. Naomi Wolf in her recent Substack article.
Dr. Vliet and Nurse Nicole Landers review the court-ordered release of 55,000 pages of Pfizer data that shows they knew these deaths and critical organ damages were occurring with the experimental gene therapy shots.
Another report says, “Doctors baffled by Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) in healthy young people…and 90% die before ever reaching the hospital.” Australian doctors are investigating what is suddenly being called SADS, or Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, a new name given to hide the obvious connection between deaths and the roll-out of the COVID shots since early 2021.
Even more tragic are the deaths of babies in pregnant women and newborn nursing infants of mothers who received the COVID Shots. Of the 5 billion people worldwide who have received the COVID injections, 1.25 billion are women of childbearing age who have been injected with experimental gene-altering shots.
The entire human genome has been poisoned with a genetic toxin insert that has never been known before in human history and will be carried forward to future generations in sperm and oocytes that unite to form a fertilized egg to develop into a new human being.
New data analyses by Mark Skidmore and Denis Rancourt have extrapolated the sudden excess deaths worldwide and estimate that the COVID-19 shots have caused 13 million deaths worldwide since its rollout in 2021. Their papers are discussed by Dr. Jessica Rose here https://jessicar.substack.com/p/denis-rancourt-and-teams-new-report.
For more information on Steps to Take Before Hospitalization to save your life, go to Truth for Health Foundationwebsite www.TruthForHealth.org. Download our FACT SHEET on tips to avoid hospitalization and how to save your life if you are hospitalized. Also, download our Vaccine Injury Treatment Guide, file a Citizens Vaccine Injury Report, and check our medical and legal resources for help in many areas of your health.

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