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Don’t weaponize our kids against us

This is a superb overview by Karen McKay in American Thinker of how totalitarian regimes subvert the societies they seek to conquer. They weaponize the children of that society against it. She shows how the Nazis did it in Germany…
how the Soviets did it in Afghanistan…
and how the Marxists have been trying to do it in the US for the last 140 years.

She focuses on the sexualization of children as the way the Marxists seek to destroy the Judeo-Christian values that serve as the foundation of American culture. Severed from their roots of God, family and country, they become ready peons for the State.

But I would take it a step further.

As I see it, the Transhumanist Technocrats are now behind the attack on America – and indeed the Western World. What might have started as an attempt to replace Capitalism with Marxism, and then Communism, has now become the Great Reset. This is about a lot more than making religious people secular; confiscating private wealth; and making individual citizens slaves to the State.

And it’s really not about “sexualizing” children. It’s actual intent is to “desexualize” them. Eliminate traditional identities. Divorce pleasure from intimate relationships. Manipulate bodies to destroy biological gender characteristics. And give them mRNA gene therapy and other drugs to make them infertile and dysfunctional.

The end game to them is a greatly reduced human population that can be easily controlled with medication and biotechnology.

In case you think this “depopulation” agenda by the WEF and their fellow tyrants is a new idea, check out this comment about the Soviets in Afghanistan:

“The Soviet attempt to make Afghanistan a captive nation by installing a puppet government in Kabul hadn’t worked out, so they went to Plan B: Invading the country, killing their puppet president, installing another, and then proceeding to systematically wipe out the indigenous population. “We only need ten thousand Afghans left alive to be administrators of the country,” a Soviet official said.
Thousands of Afghan boys aged four to eight were taken by the Soviet army to the USSR. Most of them would be trained as Communist cadre to rule a future Soviet Afghanistan. Some would be weaponized.”

I encourage you to read the rest of the article. And vote to protect your kids – and our country.

How many Americans do you think they will want alive to serve as administrators of their technocracy?

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