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Dr. Chris Shoemaker: Covid ‘Vaccines’ Are The Real Reason People Are Sick and Hospitalized this Winter (Interview)

Back in late fall, truth-telling doctors worldwide were predicting that this ‘flu season would likely be a difficult one. The reasons are manifold, not least among them the debilitated immune systems of billions of people worldwide, thanks to the covid experimental injection. Then there are the children, their immune systems unable to cope due to their lack of exposure to common childhood pathogens thanks to lockdown and masking measures, as well as the “vaccine.” This has destroyed herd immunity. Dr. Chris Alan Shoemaker, a Toronto clinician and physician has been an early truth teller throughout the covid story.

“If you’re more immune damaged, you are more likely to suffer from inappropriate or uncomfortable or too frequent infections. But in fact, the whole of society is affected when 80 to 85% of society has received this immune damaging agent. So, no matter who you are, vaccinated or unvaccinated, all are suffering because 80% of us are immune damaged,” Dr. Shoemaker said in an exclusive interview for RAIR Foundation USA. “And that is what has led to this being the worst winter in terms of ‘flu issues, respiratory syncytial virus issues (RSV), and other generalized immune issues that are putting pediatric cases through the roof in the eastern part of Canada especially. The vaccine has damaged immune systems. It’s immune-damaged everybody who’s still walking around alive.”

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