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Dr. Lee Merritt blows the lid off the Crime Against Humanity that is the Big Pharma

Dr. Lee Merritt blows the lid off the Crime Against Humanity that is the Big Pharma – Big Government Vaccine Racket
The Treatment of Viral Diseases: Has the Truth Been Suppressed for Decades?
Lee D. Merritt, M.D., practices orthopaedic surgery and anti-aging medicine in Omaha, Nebraska, and is a past president of AAPS. Contact: loganpod@gmail.com.

None of this, however, explains the 40 years of medical misinformation and suppression of the pharmaceutical truth. To have covered up the knowledge for four decades that viruses could potentially be treated by antimicrobials required extensive effort:

  • Censorship. It is likely that some scientists were never published again after authoring one paper on the anti- viral benefits of CQ.
  • Buying silence of news media. This is evident from the blackout across the political news spectrum concerning vaccine adverse effects. Pharmaceutical manufacturers provide the most lucrative advertising for both written and broadcast news programs.
  • Misdirection. For years, pharmacology professors in medical schools have perpetuated lies of omission.
  • Lies by drug companies. Merck was caught publishing its own “peer reviewed” journal to promote its drugs.54
  • Regulatory capture. “Big Pharma” essentially owns the FDA by being its biggest funder and employing more than 58 percent of the FDA’s upper-level regulators and administrators either before or after their tenure.55,56
  • Research funding. Big Pharma is the major funder of nearly all “independent” drug research, and there is no incentive to research cheap/ less profitable solutions.
    The COVID-19 pandemic is calling attention to the potential for treating viral diseases with currently available drugs, and exposing long-available but ignored research. The implications of all this are very disturbing. Where have the virologists been, and the CDC “experts” who claim to care about influenza deaths? Has the burgeoning nearly trillion- dollar vaccine industry been built at the expense of patients’ lives? Disregarding the sizeable database of vaccine injuries, and the controversy about the long-term danger of vaccines to the immune system, if HCQ or other drugs could have treated viral illnesses cheaply and effectively, there was never a need for vaccines to begin with. As the WHO reportedly admitted, as recorded in a currently unavailable YouTube video from 2019 Vaccine Safety Summit, the “front line is becoming wobbly”— meaning doctors are less and less convinced that vaccines are safe and desirable.

Boris Yeltsin, as he was surrounded by Soviet troops on the steps of Moscow’s Dom pravitelstva Rossii Federatsii (the Russian White House), opined, “You can sit on a throne of bayonets, but you cannot sit on it for long.” It took 70 years for the truth about the murderous and corrupt Soviet regime to break through the propaganda, but when the masses of people understood, they tore down the Berlin wall. The wall of silence and coercion that has propped up a corrupt, and yes murderous, vaccine industry will hopefully now be dismantled by everyday physicians and patients who have awakened to the “biggest lie,” and are beginning to say, “Yes, Virginia, antibiotics and other antimicrobials do treat viruses.”

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