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Election-Fraud Corruption Is Deeper than Anyone Can Imagine

So what can be done?  Looking up individual entries on voter rolls, comparing them to local property records for non-existing addresses, and submitting changes to the local Boards of Elections would take hundreds of years.
Fractal computing to the rescue.
Now fraud-savvy groups are analyzing voter rolls and using “fractal computing” to compare them to other data — county property records that show the type of building at each address so a voter can’t register if his address is a vacant lot or a convenience store, post office databases that show who has moved out of state, or a deceased voter who is listed as alive, then votes, then goes back to being deceased the next day.  What if a single house with one bathroom has 35 people listed as living there?
“One team in Wisconsin challenged almost 400,000 alleged phantoms.  A Georgia team, in one county, 37,000.”
The one thing in common among the candidates victimized by this level of fraud is not that they are Republicans, but that they are MAGA conservatives.  It’s clear that both parties use these tactics to favor Democrats and RINOs.
We need voter ID and permanent voter registration cards, publically viewable software, hand-marked paper ballots, and all data to be kept for public viewing.
If we expect the RINOs to actively work to end election fraud, we are just plain stupid.  We must insist on new leadership for the RNC, support opposition to Kevin McCarthy as speaker of the House, and hope that turtle McConnell is ousted as the Senate minority leader.  And do everything we can to support Kari Lake in her lawsuit to overturn the Arizona gubernatorial election.

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