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Excellent! GOP Rep Bryan Steil Announces New J6 Investigation and Whistleblower Tip Portal

On March 5th the Committee on House Administration, chaired by Representative Bryan Steil (R), created a Capital Security Info Portal for people to submit J6 and other corruption information. Representative Barry Loudermilk (R) is the Chairman of their Subcommittee on Oversight. Anyone with factual information or evidence about J6 are encouraged to send in tips up to 3,000 words. They can make arrangement how to send images or video footage.
It was Democrats who falsely accused Loudermilk of walking people through the capital on “surveillance tours” the day before J6. He’s pissed off and looking to get the truth about J6 out to the public. Last November, both Steil and Loudermilk publicly slammed Biden in a letter that demanded he retract his false election comments that “Georgia implemented Jim Crow 2.0”.

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