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EXCLUSIVE: Due to COVID’s Success, China Is Now Working on Integrating Bio Warfare with Information Warfare in the Future

Bio-based war operational approaches: Citing the SARS 2002-2004 and COVID19 pandemics as examples, the secret initiation of epidemics during war to reduce the enemy’s fighting capability or in “pre-war” situations to prevent potential adversaries from mobilizing effectively on the eve of war.

Vaccines as bio-based weapons: Vaccines with “backdoors” can be bio-based warfare vectors present as biological time bombs once inside the body or creating vulnerabilities to future bioweapon attacks. The introduction of such “backdoor” vaccines into the U.S. population is especially risky in inadequately regulated joint vaccine production ventures between Chinese and U.S. pharmaceutical companies, not unlike the introduction of Chinese surveillance capabilities inside Chinese instrumentation and software deployed in the United States.

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