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Exclusive: The Dossier uncovers WEF-Gates Event 201 launch announcement from Davos 2019“The exercise will be called Event 201 in honor of the… potential pandemic.”Jordan Schachtel

The Dossier has obtained the audio from the first announcement for Event 201, the Gates Foundation and World Economic Forum sponsored war-game simulation that took place in October 2019, in which a fictional coronavirus passed from an animal reservoir to humans, where organizers warned of a “similar pandemic in the future.”

The announcement was once available on the internet but pulled offline for reasons unknown. The Dossier has unearthed the audio clip that confirms the plan for Event 201 was hatched at the WEF’s Davos 2019. The theme of Davos that year was “Globalization 4.0: Shaping a Global Architecture in the Age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

The remarkable similarities and the timing between Event 201 and the actual coronavirus pandemic has led to questions about whether the parties to the simulation had prior knowledge of what would happen in the coming weeks and months ahead. Moreover, the stakeholders who sponsored and participated in Event 201 would unanimously benefit enormously from the pandemic and wield monopolistic power in pandemic policymaking.

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