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Explosive Interview: RFK Jr. Talks Ukraine, Biolabs, and The Real Killer Behind His Uncle’s Death w/ Tucker Carlson. RFK Jr. also unveiled Mike Pompeo’s chilling confession about the CIA.

ByThe Vigilant Fox

During the Ukrainian riots in 2014, Kennedy asserted that the U.S., through USAID, covertly funded the unrest, leading to the overthrow of Ukraine’s neutral, democratically elected government.
A month prior to the overthrow, a now-public secret call between Victoria Nuland and Ukraine’s U.S. ambassador occurred, “where she [Nuland] is picking the new cabinet for the Ukraine.” “So they’re picking the new government a month before the old government is overthrown.”

Zelensky, an actor, and comedian with no prior political experience, won the 2019 election with a staggering 90% of the vote. He campaigned on a peace platform, promising to sign the Minsk Accords to bring peace with Russia. However, upon taking office, he unexpectedly changed his stance.
“The rational assumption is that the US government told him he [Zelenksy] could not do that,” asserted Kennedy. “So Victoria Nuland and Anthony Blinken … told him, ‘You cannot have peace with Russia.'”

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