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Exposed: The Woke Strategy HandbookThe dirty political tactics deployed to win elections revealed

Part II of “Why Westwood is So Woke”
Election season used to be a time for American Citizens to speak their voice and take an active role in the direction of our country and the government. Elections were courteous and professional but intensely competitive.
The world has changed. When it comes to the most hotly contested elections in the state, that of the school board, any election social codes of conduct are null and void for the woke far left. We can see this in action through the dissolution of decency from the highly threatened Leftist mob at work in Westwood, NJ.
As we try to expose why Westwood has become a desolate scorched earth of political progressive ideology, it is important to reiterate the demographic makeup of this generally peaceful community.
Westwood as a whole is not hard leaning either right or left. The Community is comprised of busy family people and seniors living their lives. Getting up, going to work, taking care of the once-happy routines of their day-to-day, enjoying retirement and the hustle and bustle of a cute downtown.
Since the new year, the far-left progressives have launched aggressive opposition to the first “Non-Left” School board in years. Westwood endures Banana Republic level audience behavior at board meetings, social media attacks on its residents, biased mainstream news reporting and now an indictment of the local culture.
The community is being devoured during election season by the minority alarmist progressives. For the last 2 months, the Woke of Westwood have cracked their handbook of dirty political strategies open to regain control of the local government and community, but especially, the school board.
All of this is done without boundaries, integrity or conscience.
There are many powerful strategies at work; and we are going to explain the top 10 so that the real victims, The Townspeople of Westwood, can see through the smoke and mirrors to understand how and why all of this is being used against them and their community. We’ve defined defines each strategy and will, for the following next few days, demonstrate how these strategies are being deployed.
But first, let’s list and define them.

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