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Fake Meat: Another Attempt for Global Control of the Food Supply

By replacing real animal foods with patented lab-made alternatives, globalists will have unprecedented power to control the world’s population. It’ll also grant them greater control over people’s health. It’s already known that the consumption of ultra-processed food contributes to disease, and the benefactor of ill health is Big Pharma.
The processed food industry has spent many decades driving chronic illness that is then treated with drugs rather than a better diet. Synthetic foods will likely be an even bigger driver of chronic ill health and early death.
The fact is, fake meat and dairy cannot replace the complex mix of nutrients found in grass-fed beef and dairy, and it’s likely that consuming ultra-processed meat and milk alternatives may lead to many of the same health issues that are caused by processed food diet.
So, if you want to really protect your health and the environment, skip pseudo foods that require patents and stick to those found in nature instead.

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