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Feds reeling from new vax study, lawsuits on social media censorship and COVID stat manipulation

New research estimates COVID vax causes at least 18 “serious adverse events” in young adults for every hospitalization prevented. NIH observational study finds “variety of neuropathic symptoms” post-vaccination.

The White House plan is “is not data-driven and ignores nat[ural] imm[unity] & concerns of immune imprinting from a multi-dose vax strategy,” Johns Hopkins University medical professor and National Academy of Medicine member Marty Makary tweeted.

Makary is a coauthor of a new preprint, not yet peer-reviewed, on the ethics of mandating COVID boosters for young adults that was funded by the pro-COVID vaccine Wellcome Trust charitable foundation.

Led by University of Washington applied medical anthropologist Kevin Bardosh, the study estimates that at least 22,000 “previously uninfected adults aged 18-29 must be boosted with an mRNA vaccine to prevent one Covid-19 hospitalisation” while causing 18-98 “serious adverse events,” based on CDC and “sponsor-reported” data.

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