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Financial Meltdown 2.0: Covid Vax Kills Life Insurers

In 2021, staid, respectable, and conservative insurance companies suddenly found themselves at huge risk from bad government policies over Covid and adverse reactions to the vaccines, with a statistically improbable increase (average 40%) in insured deaths among prime working age people. Edward Dowd (a former BlackRock stock picker) said in interviews with Steve Bannon and Alex Jones, that life insurers turned to the reinsurance market to diversify their biggest risks, and paid premiums which did not look like a good deal at the time, but may turn out to be brilliant business.

As Dowd said, who will be left holding the bag? Will it turn into a circular firing squad of risk handoffs that will bring down most of the insurance market? Also, insurers do not like to pay out for risks they didn’t factor in – in France, some life insurers are trying to classify death by “voluntarily” taking experimental vaccines as suicide. In the USA it is more likely to become huge litigation against big Pharma, unless the government bails out the insurers.

The Edward Dowd interview on InfoWars. The insurance crisis is discussed about minute 16.

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