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For physicians and surgeons:

Customized disability insurance policies:

You can secure your earnings, and that of your professional practice, through a combination of traditional and special market policies.

Coverages include:

Physicians & Surgeons Disability Plan: Provides sufficient protection for your high monthly income.

Contract Guarantee Disability Insurance: Secures your ability to meet the obligations of employment, partnership, or divorce contracts, even if you are disabled.

Pension Completion Disability Insurance: You can keep funding your retirement plan even when you are disabled and no longer earning an income.

Disability Partnership Funding: You can buy out a partner if he or she becomes disabled.

Severance Agreement Disability Insurance: Your practice can meet the terms of a severance package even when the terminated employee is no longer eligible for your group LTD plan benefits.

Buy-In Disability Insurance: You can still buy into a new practice even if you get disabled during the buy-in period.

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