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Forsaken Children of a Forged PandemicAnguish is assured when depravity prevailsRobert W Malone MD, MS

In this guest essay, David Marks, a 2022 CHD fellow (Children’s Health Defense) and a veteran journalist and filmmaker, takes a few steps back to look at the unfolding of pandemic events with the experience of children in mind. We know many of these low points, and yet when they are seen sequentially, the tragedy is almost ovwhelming and the challenge clear.

Our threatening predicament at times seems insurmountable. Yet children embody the seeds of hope for the future; they simply need love and nurturing to grow into healthy and happy adults. There is a rational, conscientious course correction: supporting a world that ensures children’s freedom from all forms of abuse, indoctrination, coercion, and unnecessary inoculations.

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