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Freedom from fear

This is a fine account of how we can become free from fear. The realization that you are a creature of God, and worthy of His blessings, is key. You are humble, but strong. Without that understanding, you can never be secure. You will always act out of desperation.

We need more politicians and global leaders who find God, not play God.


“Most people that we encounter who come across as full of themselves are typically displaying a protective fence behind some deeper sense of insecurity. The outer demonstration of self-worth is to create optics to divert people’s attention away from what might be going on inside. When a person feels healthy self-esteem, they are able to drop that guard.”

“Those who develop this healthy self-esteem will find that in addition to becoming “fearless and humble”, they will also become great leaders. Their confidence will naturally lead them to step up and take responsibility when others shy away, and their humility and approachability will lead others to be drawn to them. Like a fire that spreads its flame to whatever it is surrounded by, the fearless and humble leader causes all those in his or orbit to become ignited and to rise up.”


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