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From Peg Tierney:


From the U.S.

Colonial Macgregor
_Commander 1st Squadron, 4th Cavalry. Macgregor is a close friend of Donald Trump and keeps weekly briefings through back channels.
_President Donald Trump once proposed Macgregor as ambassador to Germany,
_Macgregor served as Senior Advisor to the Acting Secretary of Defense,
_Macgregor held top CLASSIFIED CLEARANCE that is still used to this day and is still in contact with EZRA Cohen Wozniak and PATEL<

Macgregors latest DROPS was given to EU insiders with millions of viewers.

“Ukraine is Dead as a nation-state”

The Ukrainian population of 38.7 million people is down to

  1. Million

_With over 40% of Ukraine cities’ infrastructures destroyed.
And Ukrainians not planning to return after leaving and finding better living outside Ukraine.

“U.S. armed forces in terrible shape”
The U.S. military has no interest to attack Russia. The U.S. can only provide 50 thousand soldiers to UKRAINE. The military assessment from Pentagon, General Milley has been given to BIDEN.

_Keeping Zelensky in power can last only another few months.
_The money going to Ukraine is a money laundering operation by the Military industrial complex system that is run by Congress and the funding goes to Ukraine and then back to the U.S. [ DS] military-industrial complex.

_China is giving weapons to Russia ( the U.S. weapons production factories in China, helping China to have double the weapons production systems as The U.S.) and helping Russia because if Russia loses the WAR then China is next .. So China will not take a chance and backs Russia.

The U.S. weapons being created is making the War mongers rich in U.S and Ukraine and the weapons are resold across the world to foreign enemies and foreign adversaries.

They WILL bring their Forces from the South. East and North of Belarus
And surround Kiev and take control of Ukraine….. This is the only way to send the message to NATO. U.S. EU that the WAR is done.
Russia can not retreat and WILL NOT RETREAT as Zelensky ( NATO PUPPET) threatens Russia that the WAR will end with UKRAINE tanks in the red square of Moscow.

The U.S. cannot and will not send military into WAR because this would collapse the Biden administration instantly.

Now you know why White HATS inside of NATO had a meeting with top EU. OFFICIALS AND LEADERs and Biden admin. U S. Military wasn’t invited and [ DS] NATO LEADERS WEREN’T INVITED………

The discussion CENTERED around the facts U.S. military intelligence was reports that Ukraine was falling and U.S. Will not send troops and EUROPEAN SOLDIERS WILL NOT FIGHT AND HEAD EAST TO RUSSIAN LANDS.

As we get closer to the EXPOSURE of the pandemic. The creation of the virus and the collapse of the fiat banking system. collapse of Ukraine CIA . NATO. UN. money laundering OPERATIONS…….

The WORLD DEEP STATE IS IN PANIC and went to create WAR to cause distraction and chaos and hope the confusion WILL buy the time. As the World military ALLIANCE operations come closer///////

The WAR to end ALL WARS.

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