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“From strength comes freedom”

It is gratifying to see so many Jews train to take back our communities. Every Jews, every Christian – every law-biding citizen – should know self-defense. The thugs and punks will never have a chance.


“The group is Legion, a self-defense training network that partners with gyms and martial arts schools in the greater New York area. Their mission is to untremble Jews’ knees by teaching us how to fight back against the antisemites that seek to do us harm—by throwing fireworks at us, pelting our children with eggs, punching us in the face—or worse.”

“Everyone in the class wears the same black-and-white T-shirt that reads: “From Strength Comes Freedom.” The phrase was coined by Jon Loew, who co-founded Legion with Meredith Weiss (no relation). “Jews will only be free when we can rely on our own strength and need not rely on others,” he says of the tagline.”

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