How COVID Patients Died for Profit

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola  Fact Checked February 01, 2023


By May 2020, it had become apparent that the standard practice of putting COVID-19
patients on mechanical ventilation with ventilators was a death sentence

 Between 50% and 86% of COVID patients placed on life support ended up dying
By May 2020, doctors had also found that high-flow nasal cannulas and proning led to
better outcomes than ventilators

The World Health Organization promoted the use of ventilators as a way to purportedly
curtail the spread of virus-laden aerosols, thereby protecting other patients and hospital
staff. In other words, suspected COVID patients were sacrificed to “protect” others

The matter becomes even more perverse when you consider the fact that many “COVID
cases” were patients who merely tested positive using faulty PCR testing. Hospitals also
received massive incentives to diagnose patients with COVID and put them on a vent

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