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How the Media Secretly Carries Out Assignments for the CIA

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola


The “anti-disinformation” industry has nothing to do with protecting a gullible public from
information that might cause them to make bad or unhealthy choices. It’s about creating
and directing a narrative for the purpose of controlling the population and hiding truths
that might overthrow the ruling cabal and its plans for a one world government

In 1948, the CIA’s Office of Special Projects launched Operation Mockingbird, a
clandestine CIA media infiltration campaign that involved bribing hundreds of journalists
to publish fake stories at the CIA’s request

During the Cold War, CIA propaganda disparaged communist ideologies. Today, it
promotes radical ideas that bring us closer to The Great Reset — which is based on a
technocratic economic system — instead

Most of the organizations claiming to promote truth and counter disinformation are in
fact doing the exact opposite. The latest and most blatant example of this was the Biden
administration’s “Ministry of Truth” — the Disinformation Governance Board, set up by the
U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

Evidence shows scholars and academics who speak out against the establishment
narrative on the conflict between Russia and Ukraine are being targeted by media
personalities working hand-in-hand with the intelligence apparatus

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