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How the Socialists Stole, Broke and Bankrupted NY’s Government & Created a Woke Deep State

de Blasio, WFP, Berlin Rosen & Soros, Used Election and Govt Corruption to Take Over NY’s Democratic Party, Crippling its Economy, Making NYC Ungovernable, Helping to Grow Anti-Semitism
By: Gary Tilzer
Jonathan Rosen, a political Gordon Gekko, the co-founder of Berlin Rosen (BR) public relations firm, led NY’s progressive Woke revolution takeover of City Hall, while making millions for himself, leaving NYC’s budget in ashes, and a majority of New Yorkers disconnected from their local government and politics. Starting in 2009, Rosen partnered up with the Working Families Party (WFP) and de Blasio, all who learned politics while working for the nonprofit ACORN, to take advantage of collapsing democratic machines, investigative journalism, low voting, and the socialist Woke cultural movement to hijack and take over the NY’s Democratic Party, City Hall, and Albany.
Their revolution replaced the city’s tradition of local representative democracy originating in the city’s neighborhoods, with a Woke centralized political campaign machine that elects Woke activists who pretend money is unlimited as their progressive governing and policies cause the city to hemorrhage its businesses and taxpayers. Although the Woke activists in control of NY’s pro-criminal policies are unpopular with 80% of New Yorkers, there is no grassroots citywide movement or political machine capable or willing to take on the progressive political machine to reconnect New Yorkers to their local government. As a result, NY has a Woke deep state Tammany Hall running its government and politics.

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