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How to Use Consent Decrees for Fun and Profit

So you know what they say: If you can beat ’em, join ’em. There is nothing that stops patriots from using the same legal tools that have so empowered the Democrats to sabotage the left instead.

Patriots can start passing their own “sue-and-settle” laws, inspired by the laws so beloved by environmentalists. Imagine if pro-gun activist groups could collect millions in attorney’s fees for striking down anti-gun laws in big cities. Or, imagine if a successful lawsuit striking down excessive federal regulation carried the same kind of prizes that come with forcing the EPA to adopt new ones.

Consider the notorious epidemic of Soros prosecutors turning America’s cities into Mad Max-style Thunderdomes. If every police department in America lives in fear of a federal DOJ investigation ruining their day, why shouldn’t every prosecutor’s office? Many of them could be targeted with the exact same far-reaching civil rights laws used to harass police.

The modern-day university is another institution that gleefully violates civil rights all the time. An aggressive Republican administration could have the DOJ launch investigations of schools for flagrant anti-white racial discrimination, then propose consent decrees that would create legally-mandated meritocracy and fairness.

Some of this will have to wait until Republicans retake the federal government again, but there’s no reason red states couldn’t start experimenting with the tactic right away. Plenty of the worst prosecutors and most revolting universities are located in blue bastions of red states. State legislatures could pass laws making it far easier to sue prosecutors whose offices fail to protect the public; they could even try and hold such prosecutors personally liable for the harms they cause to communities. States could expose local universities to dramatic financial penalties if they are caught engaging in anti-white or anti-Asian discrimination.

Much like with fighting transgender insanity, the only limit is our own imaginations. Make the left feel the same terror of lawsuits that they inflict on everybody else.

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