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I can spend my own money, thank you

Rand Paul recently gave an inspiring speech to Washington DC interns. He touched on many of the benefits of Capitalism.

I really appreciated his emphasis on privately-funded, as opposed to government-funded, social programs. Who knows better how to spend your money, than you?!


“Paul acknowledged that government-funded social programs to fix societal programs can be mismanaged. So, he suggested that if taxpayers had more money in their pocket, they could write a check to the source they believe would be the most effective in solving an issue. Likely, people would opt to give their funds to a private company versus the federal government.

“The people spending the composite of the money are never very good at it,” Paul said.“Nobody spends somebody else’s money as wisely as their own.”

“He took his point a step further, explaining that giving money to private entities rather than the federal government could help create an upturn in fixing societal problems.”

“Who does the functions that we need in society better?” Paul said. “The government or the private marketplace?”


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