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In whose image do you want to be?

Truth Over Tyranny: Biblical wisdom for defeating the Technocrats.
These are my insights for defeating the Transhumanist Technocracy movement, based on the teachings of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, of blessed memory, on the weekly Bible portion.

The collapse of the giant cryptocurrency exchange, FTX, and its companion firm, Alameda Research, has made big news. And it is not just because it could cripple the emerging crypto-finance economy.

What else does it show about the Globalist Elites in their quest for world domination? What’s behind their drive to impose a global financial network and currency?

Entrepreneur and Finance specialist Matthew Crawford has attempted to connect the dots in a recent post on Substack. He shows what very could be the full agenda of the Transhumanist Technocrats:

Establishing a New Global Financial Order in One Fell Swoop; Controlling Politics;
The Pedophile Elite;
Pandemic Engineering; and
De/Repopulating the Earth.


The first four items are fantastic and scary in their own right, but the last goal – remaking humanity in their own image – is for me the most obscene and diabolical (and the one that will be most responsible for their ultimate, fantsastic failure, in my opinion.)

Here are some of the ways Matthew describes the thinking of these “pronatalists:”

“There is a very real worry among some groups, globalists or otherwise, that the Earth is populated largely with idiots.” 

“However, rather than following a well-demonstrated route of re-engineering education (we know how to do that), there is a strong contingent among the cognitive elite—particularly among the transhumanist oligarchs and their elite VC and Big Tech communities—who see themselves as truly (and often genetically) superior beings. Some of them want to repopulate the world with copies of themselves. If that sounds eerily like runaway artificial intelligence, you’re probably tapping into a mindset many are trapped within.”

“Among these “pronatalists” (at best an inappropriate term for whatever these people might be), was Jeffrey Epstein… who schemed to impregnate 20 women at a time on his New Mexico ranch. Genetic screening, and the underlying assumption that some humans are born better than others, often invites comparisons to Nazi eugenic experiments…”

“Meanwhile, Epstein’s buddy Gates was busy both funding gene drive technology, something the public knows little about to this juncture. This technology utilizes the RNA-guided genome editing tool CRISPR-Cas9 to spread synthetic DNA-modifications through entire populations. Think deeply on that power—the power to edit the human population. To what ends? Gender ratios could be changed. I’ll just leave that one there.”

“Gates also hired a PR firm to influence policy on gene drive technology. And now we have a public message. The expressed purpose of such technology is for altruistic purposes such as making mosquitos sterile. That’s one way to prevent malaria or Zika, and conveniently makes for a great controversy to distract everyone’s attention from the greater threat to humanity: centralized management of the human genome. My friend J.J. Couey has been warning about this.”

“As you would expect of a technology this powerful, the DoD is an even larger funding of gene drives.  This sounds like one of those highly complex existential risks we should proceed carefully with.”
It’s not as if we’re living through a moment in which our politically-connected modelers have gotten a whole lot wrong, and rushing into known unknowns and unknown unknowns thrust us into total chaos. What could go wrong? Extinction of humanity?”

“A gene drive harnesses one of the ways that cells repair DNA, called “homing,” that snips out one copy of a gene and replaces it with a copy of whatever corresponding gene variant (allele) is on the paired chromosome. It would be like cutting out a word in this sentence and replacing it with a copy of the word below it. If done to a gene that affects fertility in a fertilized ovum – aka the germline – the intervention can lead, within a few generations, to mass sterility and a plummeting population – a “gene drive” towards extinction.”

“How much do you trust a globalist community that just gathered a dozen already speed-driven kids to build a global banking network between drug-fueled orgies in the Bahamas to tinker with the germline? Obligatory reminder: If depopulation is about to take place, this is the exact moment in time when it makes sense to run a global “swab everyone” campaign to collect the largest possible database of genetic information.”

So this Gene Drive Technology is supposed to be the way these evil psychotics will rebuild humanity – as replicas of themselves – after they wipe most of us off the planet with their deadly “vaccines” and other destructive measures.

I wonder what God would have to say about that. Rabbi Sacks apparently does not think He would like the idea. It goes against the integrity of each unique individual in God’s Creation. He makes this point in his commentary on Parashat Toldot called “Kinship abd Difference.”

Kinship and Difference

Rabbi shows how the text goes to great lengths to demonstrate how hard – yet how important – it is to assert your own individuality. This is particularly true between parents and their children, as seen in the relationship between Abraham and his son Isaac:

“The close physical resemblance between Abraham and Isaac created unexpected difficulties. Both father and son suffered a loss of individuality. Nor is this pure speculation. Examine Genesis carefully, and we see that Isaac is the least individuated of the patriarchs. His life reads like a replay of his father’s. He too is forced by famine to go to the land of the Philistines. He too encounters Abimelech. He too feels impelled to say that his wife is his sister (Gen. 26). He re-digs the wells his father dug. Isaac seems to do little that is distinctively his own.
Sensitive to this, the rabbis told a profound psychological story. Parents are not their children. Children are not replicas of their parents. We are each unique and have a unique purpose. That is why Abraham prayed to God that there be some clear and recognizable difference between father and son.”

Rabbi Sacks then applies this moral to a critical issue of today – cloning:

“Does this have any contemporary relevance? I think it does: in relation to a new medical technology, eugenic or reproductive cloning. Cloning – the method of nuclear cell transfer pioneered by Dr Ian Wilmut in the experiment that created Dolly the sheep in 1997 – raises profound issues of medical ethics, especially in relation to humans.”

“It is far from certain that it ever will be. Animal experiments have shown that it involves a high degree of risk, and may always do so. Cloning apparently disturbs the normal process of “genomic imprinting” by which the genes on the chromosomes from one of the parents are switched on or off. Many scientists are convinced that mammalian cloning is an intrinsically flawed process, too unsafe ever to be used in human reproduction.”

“However, cloning is not just another technology. It raises issues not posed by other forms of assisted reproduction such as artificial insemination or in vitro fertilisation. Nuclear cell transfer is a form of asexual reproduction. We do not know why it is that large, long-living creatures reproduce sexually. From an evolutionary point of view, asexual reproduction would have been much simpler. Yet none of the higher mammals reproduce asexually. Is this because only by the unpredictable combination of genetic endowments of parents and grandparents can a species generate the variety it needs to survive?”

“The history of the human presence on earth is marked by a destruction of bio-diversity on a massive scale. To take risks with our own genetic future would be irresponsible in the extreme.”

“There is another objection to cloning, namely the threat to the integrity of children so conceived. To be sure, genetically identical persons already exist in the case of identical twins. It is one thing, though, for this to happen, quite another deliberately to bring it about. Identical twins do not come into being so that one may serve as a substitute or replacement for the other. Cloning represents an ethical danger in a way that naturally occurring phenomena do not. It treats persons as means rather than as ends in themselves. It risks the commoditisation of human life. It cannot but transform some of the most basic features of our humanity.”

“Every child born of the genetic mix between two parents is unpredictable, like yet unlike those who have brought it into the world. That mix of kinship and difference is an essential feature of human relationships. It is the basis of a key belief of Judaism, that each individual is unique, non-substitutable, and irreplaceable. In a famous Mishnah the Sages taught: “When a human being makes many coins in a single mint, they all come out the same. God makes every human being in the same image, His image, yet they all emerge different.”

“The glory of creation is that unity in heaven creates diversity on earth. God wants every human life to be unique. As Harvard philosopher Hilary Putnam put it: “Every child has the right to be a complete surprise to its parents” – which means the right to be no-one else’s clone. What would become of love if we knew that if we lost our beloved we could create a replica? What would happen to our sense of self if we discovered that we were manufactured to order?”

It seems to me that this Gene Drive Technology is cloning taken to the next level – tenfold. And so the same criticisms apply – tenfold. It is unethical, immoral, and in complete disregard of the God-given right to a sense of self. Rabbi so eloquently describes that right thusly:

“If there is a mystery at the heart of the human condition it is otherness: the otherness of man and woman, parent and child. It is the space we make for otherness that makes love something other than narcissism and parenthood something greater than self-replication. It is this that gives every human child the right to be themselves, to know they are not reproductions of someone else, constructed according to a pre-planned genetic template. Without this, would childhood be bearable? Would love survive? Would a world of clones still be a human world? We are each in God’s image but no one else’s.”

Given all this, I simply cannot imagine these “pronatalists” succeeding in their mission to remake humanity in their own image. It is just too much against the grain of how God has created His world. Yes, they will keep trying to depopulate us, and to enslave us, and to gain full control of our mind and bodies.

But once people realize that the end goal is to make us all versions of Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Gates, how many do you really think will allow this to go on?

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