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James Roguski

It is important for each and every man, woman and child to be able to express their unique view of life and it is even more important that their views be heard by others.

I feel that the path forward needs to incorporate voluntary cooperation rather than coercion, and this requires a decentralization of power down to the focus of greater empowerment of each individual man, woman and child.

Through the years, I have delved deeply into many different topics including health, politics, law, emotions and spirituality. I have made it a point to reach out to others and to make myself readily available to listen to their ideas and suggestions. That is how people learn.

I would like to thank Steve Kobrin for the opportunity to share some of my views with him and his readers, and I would like to extend an open invitation to everyone who reads this to contact me directly in order for you to share your views with me.



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