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Joe Biden: America’s Trafficker-in-ChiefAn analysis of how Biden’s administration is enabling & facilitating the evil business of child sex trafficking.

LIZ CROKIN2/14/2023

Since he took office, the actions and policies of his administration have allowed child sex trafficking to flourish. His administration has hired child predator sympathizers, released disinformation protecting elites tied to trafficking and enabled trafficking with an open border policy and secret operations. Moreover, the Biden administration’s reversals of Trump’s polices have emboldened child predators and even put migrant children knowingly under the care of sex traffickers. Is this incompetence? Or is Biden, or whoever controls him, facilitating this evil strategically and by design.

Biden’s Pack of Pedophile Sympathizers

Biden has a history of appointing people who are sympathetic toward child sex predators. His recent nominee to the Federal Communications Commission, Gigi Sohn, is part of a group that has strongly opposed bipartisan legislation aimed at protecting sex trafficking victims. Sohn has been a member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) since 2018 which campaigned against the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers ACT and the Allow State and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking ACT that year. The two bills created new federal criminal and civil liability for any individuals who facilitate the prostitution of another person and liabilities for platforms facilitating sex trafficking. The EFF argued against the legislation citing they would lead to censorship and harm online-based prostitutes.
Supreme Court Justice, Ketanji Brown Jackson, also appointed by Biden, has a troubling history of judicial rulings sympathetic to pedophiles. In fact, in her eight years as a federal judge, she granted excessively lenient sentences in at least 8 out of 8 child porn cases, making her lenient toward pedophiles in 100% of her child sexual abuse material (CSAM) cases.

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