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Let’s not have a recurring nightmare

The horrors perpetrated by the Nazis can remind us of the danger posed by totalitarian regimes. It must be remembered that they were driven by power, not specifically by hate. They wanted to ruthlessly rule the earth. Jews… Christians… non-Germans… anybody not in their elite cult – were all mere fodder to be drained of anything of useful value, and then discarded.

Communism is the twin brother of Naziism. It is no less ambitious, and no less ruthless. The lessons we learned from the Nazi nightmare must be applied in stopping the communist attack in its tracks.


“These trials mark the end of an era, the last time that the world will be able to hear first person testimony about what took place in brutal Nazi death camps. Germany has not ruled out holding additional Nazi-era trials, but given the advanced ages of the witnesses and defendants involved, these will be difficult to prosecute.”  

“A recent poll found that 41% of Americans – and over two thirds of millennials – could not identify what Auschwitz, perhaps the best known Nazi concentration camp, was. In this climate of Holocaust ignorance and denial, the upcoming trials in Germany are a crucial coda to the Holocaust’s tortured history. The upcoming testimony will provide the opportunity to educate ourselves about Sachsenhausen and Stutthof and the thousands of other Nazi camps.

This is one of the world’s last chances to learn about the Holocaust directly from the perpetrators. Let’s not waste it.”


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