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Matt Walsh’s Producer Gets Approved for Testicle Removal in a 22-Minute Video Call

Plume’s nurse practitioner told Re that he must use the dysphoria diagnosis “in order for the surgery to be paid for.”
“This scam is the cutting-edge of ‘trans healthcare.’ After launching just a couple of years ago, Plume now operates in 41 states. Folx is in 47 states. How is it possible they’ve expanded so quickly?” Walsh wrote. “The answer is that there’s big money behind this. Plume and Folx raised more than $45 million last year.”
Walsh also tagged insurance companies, asking if they know they’re paying for surgeries based on “obviously false information?”
The thread concluded with Walsh saying, “They’re furious because they know the ‘gender transition’ industry is corrupt and fraudulent from the ground up. Protecting kids is just one piece of the puzzle. The fight begins there, but it doesn’t end there. The whole industry needs to be shut down.”

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