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More Masks, More Covid’: New Study Shows Masks Did Worse Than Nothing Against Coronavirus

Public health experts have been advocating masks for the general public ever since Covid began to spike in the United States in mid-2020. Masks soon became the non-pharmaceutical intervention (NPI) of choice, despite there being a dearth of pre-Covid pandemic documents advocating them as meaningful tools to stop the spread of coronaviruses.

Even as critics have constantly poked holes in masks as a nearly useless and potentially harmful tool for fighting the Covid-19 pandemic, the public health industry has stuck to their guns and insisted in the face of mounting evidence of their ineffectiveness that the American people should continue to wear them (even toddlers).

A new study has blown the debate wide open: It shows that masks are not only worthless against Covid-19, wearing them might potentially be harmful for people’s physical and mental health and for society in general.

A peer-reviewed journal article in Cureus called the “Correlation Between Mask Compliance and COVID-19 Outcomes in Europe” has come to the stunning conclusion that the higher the mask compliance rates, the higher the Covid case rates. For those who aren’t well-versed in statistics, this is the exact opposite of what researchers should find if masks indeed “worked.”

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