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More Than 217,000 Americans Killed by the COVID Jab

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola  Fact Checked February 07, 2023


According to a December 2021 survey of 2,840 Americans, between 217,330 and
332,608 people died from the COVID jabs in 2021

Survey results also show that people who got the jab were more likely to know someone
who experienced a health problem from COVID-19 infection, whereas those who knew
someone who experienced a health problem after getting the jab were less likely to be

Of the respondents, 34% knew one or more people who had experienced a significant
health problem due to the COVID-19 illness, and 22% knew one or more people who had
been injured by the shot

51% of the survey respondents had been jabbed. Of those, 13% reported experiencing a
“serious” health problem post-jab. Compare that to Pfizer’s six-month safety analysis,
which claimed only 1.2% of trial participants experienced a serious adverse event

In December 2022, Rasmussen Reports polled 1,000 Americans. In this poll, 34%
reported experiencing minor side effects from the jab and 7% reported major side effects

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