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More Warnings that Biden Is Hiding His Plans to Steal the 2022 Midterm Election

We all know now that the Democrats need lots of names in order to steal an election. This is a big part of their election strategy so it’s not surprising that the Biden gang would be doing this. These are communist tactics. Steal an election, claiming it wasn’t stolen, and then put in policies to steal all elections into the future. We saw this in Lenin’s Russia, Chavez’s Venezuela, and every communist country since. Eventually, citizens give up and stop voting because they know their vote means nothing.

TGP identified the ERIC system used by the Democrats to build voter rolls. This is now in 31 states and is funded with George Soros money.

Most experts investigating the 2020 Election believe that bloated voter rolls were necessary to steal that election. This isn’t about getting these people to vote, it’s about getting names to associate with fraudulent ballots.

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