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MUST WATCH! Glenn Beck On Tucker Carlson: NIH Claimed Joint Ownership Of Moderna mRNA Vaccine, Began Development WEEKS Ahead Of Pandemic

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – A new report from Infowars says that the US National Institutes of Health actually worked alongside biotechnology company Moderna to come up with a coronavirus mRNA vaccine weeks before the COVID-19 outbreak even started.

Folks, this is direct evidence that this whole pandemic might have been planned from the very beginning. Why would our government and these biotech companies do something like this? Well, for one, the pandemic is producing a lot of cash for those creating vaccines. And it also provides the government with justification for more and more authoritarianism.

“Appearing Wednesday on Tucker Carlson Tonight, radio host Glenn Beck broke down the astonishing revelations, claiming key members of the federal government quietly entered into a joint ownership of Moderna’s mRNA vaccine just as the pandemic was poised to hit the US,” the Infowars report said.

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