New: Another Study Identifies High Rate of Severe Myocarditis Cases Post COVID Vax

Cardiologist Dr. Anish Koka weighs in: “This should hopefully end the mainstream expert narrative of characterizing vaccine myocarditis as mild.”ROBERT W MALONE MD, MS6/6/2023A new South Korean nationwide study on vaccine-related myocarditis contains troubling implications on the severity of cardiac damage conferred by the mass experiment conducted on the population — young men in particular — without informed consent and a clear understanding of risk-reward ratios.Myocardial inflammation linked to the mRNA vaccines has become a bizarrely contentious and politicized topic. Never before has there been a time in history where one’s political orientation could predict their views on the safety of a drug or therapeutic. The psychopathic media witch-burning of Joe Rogan for his views on vaccine myocarditis and child vaccination informed by Dr. Tracy Beth Hoeg and Dr. Mandrola’s paper in 2021 was the most telling example that this conversation had been corrupted by forces powerful enough to obscure the data.

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