NZ Whistleblower Arrested for Exposing the Truth: Here’s What They Didn’t Want You to See

The Case
Barry Young, 56, made two court appearances today at the Wellington District Court. During his initial procedural hearing in the morning, he was met with a standing ovation from a packed public gallery, The New Zealand Herald reported.
There are five key takeaways from the case, as outlined by Jeff Childers:
They don’t deny the ‘leaker’ is (was) a health system employee, confirming Young’s claims.
They insist — often and loudly — that he’s not a ‘vaccine expert,’ again consistent with Young’s claim to be an Oracle database administrator.
They do NOT claim that Young’s data is fake, altered, compromised, or misrepresented in any way. So we can assume the Young Data is legit.
Most tellingly, they allege Young was “spreading misinformation” but never described the alleged misinformation, not even a little. The closest they get is implying that Young generally accused the jabs of being unsafe, which is not a crime, even in New Zealand.
Finally, it’s unsurprising Young was arrested, since after all he did leak confidential information. But it is shocking how fast they arrested him. By comparison, it took about 18 months to arrest Rebekah Jones, and then only after Florida police actually conducted an investigation. Young’s turbo-arrest looks like a cover up.
Entrepreneur and COVID-19 vaccine skeptic, Steve Kirsch, made a bold comment when Mr. Young was surrounded by the police. He said, “The data is legit; that’s why they are arresting Barry. He’s a hero for exposing the truth.”

Kirsch added, “This data destroys the ‘safe and effective’ narrative. That’s why they are trying to distract people from analyzing it.”
Kirsch later revealed, “Over the last month, I’ve had many talks with Barry. The charges are without merit. It was crystal clear that his intent in leaking the documents was to expose a crime (negligent manslaughter) being perpetrated by the NZ Ministry of Health and save lives. I guess in NZ, they don’t want you to do that.”

“Barry single-handedly has saved millions of lives because he proved you can leak data without affecting privacy, but that the data can show that a vaccine killed 10 million worldwide. This was thought to be impossible before Barry showed it was possible. He should be recognized internationally as a hero. What NZ is doing to him is misguided.”

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