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Oklahoma Senate Candidate Lahmeyer Issues Religious Vaccine Exemptions to Threatened Americans

When it comes to Lahmeyer’s efforts to provide exemptions to Americans in order to protect them against forced vaccinations, he told TGP that it was simply “the right thing to do.”  Anyone from any state who needs an exemption can go right onto his website and fill out a form and one will be emailed to you. 

“Our medical freedoms and bodily autonomy are vitally important. The principles of freedom and liberty are ever apparent in our founding documents and biblical text. This was not a hard decision for me. We are judged by our actions and I chose to act because I wanted Oklahomans to know that I will not just talk about defending their rights, but that I will take decisive action in protecting their freedoms across the board,” Lahmeyer explained.

Lahmeyer was also recently endorsed by General Michael Flynn, who will appear with Lahmeyer and Trump advisor Roger Stone at a series of rallies for his US Senate campaign later this week.

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