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Pediatrician Michelle Perro speaks out against the COVID vaccines

Michelle Perro, MD is one of the very few pediatricians who is not afraid to speak the truth about the COVID vaccines and her peers.
I originally planned this to last just 30 minutes, but the interview lasted for 90 minutes covering a wide range of topics including censorship of doctors, AB2098 (the California doctor censorship bill that was just signed into law), clinical practice guidelines, why her peers are retiring in large numbers, MIS-C rates in children, whether she has been able to red-pill anyone (short answer is no; she talked to 30 of her peers and red-pilled 0), are GMO foods safe or not, how can doctors be looking the other way while we give our kids unsafe drugs, and more.
If you want to get some insight as to what doctors are thinking, have a listen.

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