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Protecting the Free Society

Truth Over Tyranny: Biblical wisdom for defeating the Technocrats.
These are my insights for defeating the Transhumanist Technocracy movement, based on the teachings of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, of blessed memory, on the weekly Bible portion.

The Jewish festival of Shavuot celebrates God giving the Torah to the Jewish people.  The Torah serves as the foundation for creating a free society:  in essence, to put it in American terms, “one nation under God; indivisible; with liberty and justice for all.”

The most widely known part of the Torah is the Ten Commandments, or the “Ten Utterances.”  Rabbi Jonathan Sacks explains how these are really ten principles in the formulation of a free society.  Although the Torah was given to the Jewish People, these ten principles are the basis for preserving freedom in any Nation. 

As we review these ten principles, we will see how their violation fosters tyranny.  And we will better understand the actions of the Technocrats, who are motivated by the pursuit of tyranny.

First, Rabbi Sacks begins by emphasizing these ten principles come from God Himself:

“…They begin with a preamble stating who is initiating the covenant. That is why the revelation opened with the words, ‘I am the Lord your God.’ Then comes a historical review stating the background and context of the covenant, in this case, ‘who brought you out of the land of Egypt, from the slave-house.'”

God guides history toward freedom.  The background and context for God’s ten principles is that He brought the Jewish People out of slavery.

By contrast, the Technocrats “play god,” and they manipulate history toward enslavement through high-tech systems such as the expanding surveillance state (a man-made form of omniscience) and central bank digital currencies (a man-made form of omnipotence).  They disguise their imperialistic designs by claiming to offer humanity “safety” and “convenience.”

Rabbi Sacks points out that these ten principles are designed to be understood, and applied, by each and every person:

“… So the ‘ten utterances’ are not commandments as such but an articulation of basic principles. What makes them special is that they are simple and easy to memorise. That is because in Judaism, law is not intended for judges alone. The covenant at Sinai was made by God with an entire people. Hence the need for a brief statement of basic principles that everyone could remember and recite.”

God guides humanity with one set of coherent, universal, and unchanging principles to advance freedom.  

By contrast, the Technocrats constantly change their government mandates.  “Science” is whatever they say it is, at the moment. “Truth” is whatever they proclaim it is, at the moment.  “Law” is whatever they dictate it is, at the moment.  By making the legal status of an entire population dependent upon the capricious changes of government bureaucrats, the Technocrats advance enslavement.

The first three commandments establish God as the Ultimate Authority. We are all accountable to Him::

“The first three – No other gods besides Me, no graven images, and no taking of God’s name in vain – are about God, the author and authority of the laws. The first states that Divine sovereignty transcends all other loyalties (No other gods besides Me). The second tells us that God is a living force, not an abstract power (No graven images). The third states that sovereignty presupposes reverence (Do not take My name in vain).”

God rules on the basis of His Transcendent Authority.  It is His Will that all people, equally and together, strive for the freedom that is their God-given birthright and destiny.

By contrast, the Technocrats command obeisance and compliance on the basis of self-proclaimed intellectual elitism.  “You are not as smart as we are.  So you will do as we say.”  It is the Technocrats’ will that the unwashed masses yield to enslavement as befitting their low-IQ birthright and destiny.

The second three commandments affirm God as Creator and people as co-creator:

“The second three – the Sabbath, honouring parents, and the prohibition of murder – are all about the principle of the createdness of life. Shabbat is the day dedicated to seeing God as creator, and the universe as His creation. Honouring parents acknowledges our human createdness. ‘Thou shall not murder’ restates the central principle of the Noahide covenant that murder is not just a crime against man but a sin against God in whose image we are created. So the fourth, fifth and sixth commands form the basic jurisprudential principles of Jewish life. They tell us to remember where we came from if we seek to know how to live.”

God guides all life, as The Creator of all life.  He enlists all of humanity as co-creators — obligated to emulate the One True Creator’s Divine System of Justice.  Such is the obligation of people living in True freedom.

By contrast, the Technocrats strive to commandeer all life, right down to the cellular and genetic level, as their own intellectual and corporate patented property — utilized as a farmer would utilize farm stock.  For resource control.  For breeding and hybridization.  For profit.  For self-advancement.  For acquisition of power.  Such is the lot of people living in true enslavement.

The third set of commandments preserves the integrity of our social institutions:

“The third three – against adultery, theft and bearing false witness – establish the basic institutions on which society depends. Marriage is sacred because it is the human bond closest in approximation to the covenant between us and God. The prohibition against theft establishes the integrity of property, which John Locke saw as one of the bases of a free society. Tyrants abuse property rights. The prohibition of false testimony is the precondition of justice. A just society needs more than a structure of laws, courts and enforcement agencies. It also needs basic honesty on the part of us all. There is no freedom without justice, and no justice without each of us accepting individual and collective responsibility for truth-telling.”

God calls for the building of human societal institutions, using the blue print of His Own Divine virtues.  Truth-telling.  Honesty.  Justice.  Respect for Property.  Honoring Covenantal Bonds.  Responsibility and Accountability.  All necessary for, and all leading to, societal freedom.

By contrast, the Technocrats deliberately wreck every societal institution built on the Judeo-Christian blue print, in order to “build back better.”  That is how we have ended up with systemic government gaslighting — instead of truth-telling and honesty.  Systemic government-sanctioned theft through public-private partnerships — instead of respect for property rights.  Systemic government dissolution of parental rights — instead of honoring covenantal bonds.  And our government’s systemic two-tier system of justice — instead of responsibility and accountability.  All necessary for, and all leading to, societal enslavement.

The tenth commandment ties it all together:

“Finally comes the stand-alone prohibition against envying your neighbour’s house, wife, slave, maid, ox, donkey, or anything else belonging to him or her. This seems odd if we think of the ‘ten words’ as commands, but not if we think of them as the basic principles of a free society.

“The greatest challenge of any society is how to contain the universal  phenomenon of envy: the desire to have what belongs to someone else. Rene Girard, in Violence and the Sacred, argued that the primary driver of human violence is mimetic desire, that is, the desire to have what someone else has, which is ultimately the desire to be what someone else is.

“So the prohibition of envy is not odd at all. It is the most basic force undermining the social harmony and order that are the aim of the Ten Commandments as a whole.”

Here we see the gut reason for the Technocrats’ Great Reset:  They want our stuff.  They want our money.  They want our businesses.  They want our homes.  They want our bodies.  They want our minds.

To take what they want, they have co-opted our government and court system, our economy and private industry, our family and educational institutions, and our cultural and media outlets.

How totally sad and pitiful.  

People who have every possession they possibly could ever want and need, want to take possession of… us… the little, everyday, God-fearing men, women, and children.

But, the existence of God Himself is the single largest obstacle to the Technocratic dream of global hegemony.  As long as we resist the Technocrats’ plan, and live our lives according to God’s plan instead, the Technocrats cannot gain all of humanity’s obeisance and compliance.  And they know it.  

Hitler encountered the same problem.  As long as people obeyed God as the Ultimate Authority, then Hitler could not achieve his dream of complete hegemony.  It is no wonder that Hitler sought the extermination of Judeo-Christian theology — and not just the extermination of Judeo-Christian bodies.

Likewise, it is no wonder the Technocrats speak about God and free will in terms of being “obsolete.”  In order to “build back better,” the Technocrats need to gain humanity’s obeisance and compliance to the Technocrats, as the universally accepted ruler over everything.  “In Technocrats We Trust” — instead of “In God We Trust.”  They need the masses to believe in nonsense such as atheism and simulation theory (ie, all of God’s Creation is merely a man-made computer simulation).  The Technocrats need us to give up on God, and to trust in them instead.  

Yet, there is perhaps an additional explanation for the Technocrats’ obsessive campaign to make people give up on God.  A more introspective, psycho-emotional, spiritual explanation.  Take note again of Rabbis Sacks’ reference to Rene Girard:

“Rene Girard, in Violence and the Sacred, argued that the primary driver of human violence is mimetic desire, that is, the desire to have what someone else has, which is ultimately the desire to be what someone else is.”

Consider this:

By virtue of being human beings created by God, the Technocrats cannot possibly escape their own soul’s desire to have a relationship with God — even if they lack all self-awareness that this is what their soul desires.  In that case, the Technocrats are not acting in order to possess “us.”  They are acting in order to possess “our relationship with God.”  They are acting to “be us.”

We — the little, everyday, God-fearing men, women, and children — are symbolic of what these wretched, sick, dictator-wannabes really want, and desperately need:  

A connection to God.  

A connection to The Higher Power — in Whom, every human soul finds ultimate meaning and spiritual sustenance — and without Whom, every human soul endures the agony of a deep void that people try to fill with hedonism and power-seeking.

And that, at rock bottom, is what the Technocrats seek to possess for themselves.

Rabbis Sacks puts it this way:

“We are here because God wanted us to be. We have what God wanted us to have. Why then should we seek what others have? If what matters most in our lives is how we appear in the eyes of God, why should we seek anything else merely because someone else has it? It is when we stop defining ourselves in relation to God and start defining ourselves in relation to other people that competition, strife, covetousness and envy enter our minds, and they lead only to unhappiness.”

And Rabbi Sacks concludes:

“Thirty-three centuries after they were first given, the Ten Commandments remain the simplest, shortest guide to the creation of a good society.”

I will add this: if the Technocrats are suffering inside because they have rejected God, then they have to go on a spiritual/religious quest to find Him, like anybody else. That’s how you really bring Him back into your life. You simply cannot “acquire” Him by co-opting the “Godliness” of the people who have Him in their lives. Doing so creates a society of evil and destruction, not the “good society” Rabbi Sacks heralds as the objective of the Ten Commandments.

Until the Technocrat Globalists get this, and wake up from being “woke,” we have no choice but to defend our God-given rights and freedoms. To me, that is an underlying message of Shavuot: God would not have given us the guidelines to a free society at Mt Sinai, if He had not expected us to safeguard them.

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