Puppet Masters of the Pandemic. Part 1: What Did The CIA Do in Wuhan?”

When I speak of the intelligence community, it’s a very broad spectrum of capabilities that includes the Department of Defense activities, under Tony Fauci, as it also includes the NIH (biodefense research activities). And then, it’s even larger than that because of the Five Eyes Alliance. So this is Great Britain or UK, Canada, US, Australia and New Zealand; all the lockdown countries that have been perhaps most aggressive in their propaganda, use of fifth generation warfare, the censorship, retaliation against civilian populations, et cetera.
So when I speak of the intelligence community, I’m really talking about a matrix of capabilities that are global, that knowledgeable people within my sphere argue is the most powerful organization on earth. That currently, full stop, has amazing global reach. Obviously, the intelligence community has no moral compunctions about manipulating elections, assassination of foreign leaders or a number of other activities that most of us would consider to be unethical. But these are justified as necessary or supportive of the interests of this kind of imperialistic world that we live in right now.
With the desire by leading economic powers and their surrogates and governmental organizations to gain power and control over resources and all kinds of things. Even to the level that various speakers representing the World Economic Forum and the United Nations use language like “we own the science”. So I’m talking about the entire matrix.

We talked about emergent phenomena that this might just be the consequence of simultaneous things happening and separate actors acting on their own initiatives, and the result would be this vector sum of things. I’ve never felt comfortable with that as an explanation for why we would see this amazing harmonization of propaganda, censorship, messaging strategies, technical strategies like the purchasing of influencers, et cetera, globally. Then, a colleague … a close colleague of mine who actually employs a former director of the CIA, he and I talk about this from time to time, discussing who is the puppet master? What’s behind all this? We had a discussion in which he related a conversation with his employee (former DCIA) regarding the global power and reach of the CIA, in which the former DCIA concluded that the CIA was currently the most powerful organization in the world, perhaps the most powerful global organization in human history. This is one of those things I haven’t wanted to believe…

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