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Puppet Masters of the Pandemic. Part 2: What Did The CIA Do in Wuhan?” Part 2 of an interview with the New American Magazine

From Part I: Dr. Robert Malone: We talked about emergent phenomena, that this might just be the consequence of simultaneous things happening and separate actors acting on their own initiatives, and the result would be a vector sum of things (controlling the propaganda and globalized governmental policies). I’ve never felt comfortable with that as an explanation for why we would see this amazing harmonization of propaganda, censorship, messaging strategies, technical strategies like the purchasing of influencers, et cetera, globally.
Then, a colleague … a close colleague of mine who actually employs a former director of the CIA were discussing who is the puppet master? What’s behind all this? We had a discussion in which he related a conversation with his employee (former DCIA) regarding the global power and reach of the CIA, in which the former DCIA concluded that the CIA was currently the most powerful organization in the world, perhaps the most powerful global organization in human history. This is one of those things I haven’t wanted to believe…
Part II
If you are subjected on a daily basis to this advanced technology of nudging and information control and censorship, control of narrative, cooperating with press, cooperating with social media so that every single thing you encounter is manipulated to support the agenda and the narrative of whomever the dominant force is that is propagating this? How can you come to any autonomous conclusion about what should be done?
Why would any American citizen want to believe that their country was intimately involved in potentially driving this whole COVID crisis? I can’t imagine that. And yet I keep seeing signs of our intelligence community and particularly Five Eyes alliance (with GCHQ in the UK) being deeply involved, and appearing to be the primary driver. For instance, MI6 (The Secret Intelligence Service of the United Kingdom which is involved with the covert overseas collection and analysis of human intelligence) being involved in the editing of Wikipedia including my own entries, as well as anything having to do with Ivermectin. The reveals from Australia, New Zealand, and particularly Canada, about the involvement of each of their departments of defense organizations in deployment of these very aggressive fifth-generation warfare campaigns against their own citizens. The Nudge Units in the UK, the harmonization of messaging, particularly in methods deployed across the Five Eyes nations, and as we’ve often previously explained as well, they planned it all out during Event 201, which was sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Maybe that’s why that all happened.
Veronica : The WHO and the Johns Hopkins University.
Dr. Robert Malone: Right, the Johns Hopkins has, particularly that unit, a longstanding affiliation with the CIA and then…

Veronica : If so, what were they trying to accomplish?
Dr. Robert Malone: I’ve just gone through basically hypothesis testing and what are the data supporting it? And now you’re asking me about motivation, which I always resist, but I’m going to speculate.
Number one: as I mentioned on Bannon, one of the things that is true about the modern intelligence community, the CIA, is its hyper compartmentalized. We have bureaucracies, administrative groups within this structure that are semi-autonomous, and even more so because of In-Q-Tel. It is a fact that the CIA through DARPA created Moderna. In-Q-Tel continues to capitalize the development and deployment of mRNA vaccines. The mRNA vaccine technology is intimately linked to the intelligence community. For whatever reason, they have selected this as their horse that they’re going to ride for medical countermeasure development and rapid response.
Veronica : I’m sorry, all mRNA vaccines or only Moderna?
Dr. Robert Malone: All mRNA vaccines. This was another thread that I was surprised to learn about is Scott Gottlieb of Pfizer-
Veronica : /FDA.
Dr. Robert Malone: Yes- Formerly FDA. He has strong intelligence community ties and he directly intervened with US policy at a point in time when there was a sudden shift from an emphasis on Moderna to Pfizer, and I know from other colleagues that have contacted me during this outbreak that sat on the management committee for Moderna for Operation Warp Speed, that it was not Moderna managing that product. It was the US government/DoD managing that product development.

We had the government directly involved in managing the development of the Moderna products. We had the CIA through DARPA funding Moderna directly. They seeded it. They created it, okay. We have In-Q-Tel, the largely autonomous now venture capital arm of the CIA. They’ve got so much cash, they don’t really need a government budget anymore to do whatever they want to do. This gets to the point of how powerful the CIA is.
It is largely increasingly autonomous from the federal budget and certainly autonomous from congressional oversight because a lot of this is hidden in the dark budget. When we talk about administrative state, it isn’t just a ethereal buzzword or slang that one throws about because it’s convenient and it gets people excited. It is an actual thing. It is increasingly autonomous.

A lot of this stuff is managed by the senior executive service, which is this group of federal employees that are immune from being fired, as I have written about before. They have their own flag. (These 7,000+/-) people that are the permanent bureaucracy that run the government. The senior executive service really runs the government. The president doesn’t. This convergence of all these threads is fascinating as information has come out about the hiding of stuff from Congress and congressional oversight concerning UAPs. One of the quotes that came out that I think is just absolutely golden is the senior executive service and a lot of these administrators see elected politicians (including the President) as “temporary government employees”.
From their point of view, the politicians are just here for a little while and they can disregard them, because the senior executive service really runs the country. That’s where we’re at right now.

Dr. Robert Malone: When you get down to the why, all you can do is speculate because we don’t have any direct evidence. That’s why this recent essay that we put out that had a deep dive into the Kissinger Report, and subsequent national security directives from Gerald Ford and multiple other memos which establishes depopulation as a US government priority, capping global population at eight billion, which we almost hit in 2020, a coincidence at best. . We’ve had these policies which extend broadly and are strangely consistent with a number of the research activities and tests that have been deployed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in Africa and in India, having to do a sterilization of girls in particular. The advocacy for abortion, advocacy for surgical sterilization of males and females, advocacy of development of new hormonal injectable therapies that were long-lasting, etc.
That’s one example of a possible agenda, and it’s one that many people have speculated about throughout this, that this was really about a depopulation agenda. I can’t say that it was about a depopulation agenda or was it about an economic agenda (as Ernst Wolff has advanced) or was it about something else? What I can say-

Well, yes, in fact, talking about a depopulation agenda on the part of the US government as national policy is not a conspiracy theory. It is absolutely grounded in documentation that is now been declassified. It’s publicly available. It was codified by Henry Kissinger. Henry Kissinger is absolutely one of the prime mentors of Klaus Schwab. Henry Kissinger was intimately involved in the creation of the World Economic Forum. Henry Kissinger just came back from meetings with Xi in which he was widely lauded as a great friend of the CCP in China. I conclude that the preponderance of evidence, in my mind, suggests that the intelligence community was involved before, during and during the technical events of management of the COVID crisis. And I know that for a fact because of-
Veronica : Vaccination campaigns?
Dr. Robert Malone: The development of the vaccines and the various public policies that were deployed, including the ventilation, overuse of toxic pharmaceuticals that were not tested adequately.

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