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Recipients of the Monkeypox Vaccine Complain of Uncomfortable Side Effects

Previously, JYNNEOS CEO expressed his concerns to health officials in the Biden administration earlier this month about a proposed approach to split doses and alter the injection process, the Hill reported.

“In a letter shared with The Hill, Bavarian Nordic CEO Paul Chaplin said the company has “some reservations” about the new approach, “due to the very limited safety data available,” as well as the fact that more people experienced adverse reactions after vaccination,” the outlet reported.

“This may have a negative impact on vaccine uptake and coverage,” Chaplin wrote.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that an official from the World Health Organization (WHO) admitted that everyone who received the Monkeypox vaccine is considered to be part of a “clinical study” for the purpose of data collecting so that researchers can learn more about the “effectiveness of the vaccine.”

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