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What we of the Election Integrity movement believe we are doing is saving our nation from a soft-coup perpetrated through sophisticated long-term exploitation of our election systems and the corruption of institutions which we citizens created and funded to protect us from such an event. That is our reality. We are peacefully saving the America republic from a tragic fate.

Of course, in your paradigm, citizens’ attempts to have transparent elections is disrupting American democracy. (Incidentally, would it hurt you to use the more accurate term, “republic”? It shows that you understand it is about both consent of the governed as well as constitutionally limited government. You would not want it to be thought of Democrats that you secretly support mob rule, would you?)

Fortunately for our nation, this does not have to continue as though we were debating the number of angels dancing on the head of a pin. This whole matter can be resolved in a matter of a week or so. Perhaps in just a few days. All that needs to happen is that the computer science professors who wrote Mesa County #3 get a chance to inspect the election databases of those six counties. in question. Now that we know what to look for, I believe they can even do it in a few hours. When set against the tragic national fate about which you are so concerned, Professor Reich, surely letting sophisticated cybersecurity professionals access images of six hard drives for a few hours each… surely that does not strike you as unreasonable?

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